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"A great park that can be seen from the sea" - this phrase fully expresses the charm of the Abruzzo Region. It is little more than 1 hour drive from the sea to the mountains. In between these two extremes we find a pleasant hilly landscape with villages and towns rich in culture, traditions and artistic heritage.

The mountains of the Apennines, including Gran Sasso d'Italia which stands at 2912 m are often covered with snow and offer ideal conditions for skiing in winter. The green hills that open to east of the Apennines, almost reaching to the sea are wonderful for hiking or cycling. This allows you to discover the unique nature of the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo (33% of the Abruzzo region is protected national park).

The main towns in the region are still original and authentic. You can step back in time when you visit the mountains between L'Aquila and Teramo. Here you will see ancient castles such as the Fortress of Civitella, the town of Atri and the town of Castelli: famous throughout the world for its ceramics.

Abruzzen, Campotosto See Abruzzen, Nationalpark Abruzzen, Rocca
Abruzzen, Roccascalegna Abruzzen, Civitella Abruzzen, Tortoreto Lido
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